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Spring 2022 East Coast Sox West Florida Tryouts  · Any Intermediate

Winter 2021
Registration Dates:
Oct 5 ’21 – Nov 20 ’21 regular
Minimum age:
9 years old
Maximum age:
14 years old
Age as of:
May 1 ’22
Group Fees
Individual Fees

On behalf of the East Coast Sox Family, I personally would like to invite you to attend the 2022 East Coast Sox Tryout (Ages 9-14yr.Olds). Every year our mission is to improve upon opportunities that we feel can instill greater results for the playerâ??s overall development. We challenge ourselves as Coaches each and every year to continue to grow in our efforts to provide the best instruction for your sonâ??s development. Our Program, which involves Team Training, Arm Care, Conditioning, STRENGHT, and CORE workouts, will be studied with each individual to promote self-awareness towards his personal conditioning routines. We value very deeply the protection of your sonâ??s future.  East Coast Sox commitment to you is to share our very best to allow your son to achieve the goals that he himself wishes to accomplish.

This yearâ??s program will build upon last yearâ??s accomplishmentâ??s, allowing our organization to achieve higher goals and greater results. Each of our classifications will be challenged to higher expectations, and by achieving these goals, selected age groups will attend more challenging tournaments (PG Events) to increase their own personal skill levels at higher competitive tournaments.  

Once the youth training and development from ages 9-14 years old comes to its end, we desire for our families to continue their growth with East Coast Sox, ages 15-18yr.Old, at the National Level. This level of participation will provide collegiate and professional opportunities throughout their high school years.

Please visit to see alumni and the success of the East Coast Sox program over the past years. 


All of our teamsâ?? programs will begin on December 1, 2021, to prepare for the upcoming 2022 Spring season. There will be some age groups that we will have 2 teams instead of just one. East Coast Sox has two developmental programs in the Panhandle of Florida (West Florida Area, and Central Florida area).

 We hope all of you have an opportunity to attend our tryouts, and we look forward to seeing you soon. Please check Face book-Pensacola Web Page-or email for updates and registration for the tryout being held at each location. Please identify the location that you choose on the website. There will be NO FEE for the tryout.

Listed Below is our own personal curriculum that we will follow and instill in each and every age group:


Baseball IQ

Throwing Program

Strength, Speed and Conditioning

Individual and Team Skill Development

On Field Practice Sessions

In Door Hitting and Class Room

Offensive and Defensive Strategies

Mental and Performance Skill Development

Study the Right Way: Relationships, Rhythm, Reference, Relevance, Intention, Instinct, Eyes, and Instruction.

Goal: Hemispheres and Learning, Humor, Timing, Training, and Teaching to Play Right

Kids do listen because they want to please, they get so far off the goal in front of them that they do exactly what you tell them.

Language is everything- What, When and How you say it!

Positive Instruction VS. Negative Correction

How to know the body, mind, and the â??Gameâ?? really well.

Know the specific GOALS-the goal/focus is the key to everything.

Again, we hope this was helpful to allow your son to come tryout with us. We wish all of you success in the path moving forward.


God Speed, and God Bless Always,


Kevin Berry (Okaloosa County/Panama City)

Kevin Johnson (Pensacola/Pace/West Florida) â?? Web Site:

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